Stillness is the master of the mind #advaita #nonduality #happiness

What really works for you?

We seem to live in a world of distractions where we derive our sense of identity and security from thinking (past) instead from experience (now).

I suffered for decades, overlooking my effortless natural state of peace of mind in daily living, independent of circumstances.

Our thinking mind creates the psychological suffering, which can naturally drop away once its mechanism is understood and appreciated.

If we don't know the me-chanism of our own mind we tend to be easily irritated by people and circumstances, due to an uncomfortableness within our self; resulting in resistance to the flow of life...

It takes a universe to make a sandwich

Together with you I'd love to explore, embrace and celebrate insights into the nature of mind in practical ways, here and now.

Together with you I'd love to discover sustainable, enjoyable and interesting ways in sharing our findings with the world; bypassing the walls of fear and doubt, likes and dislikes. 

Let's keep it practical; Life is much more than paying bills and trying hard to please expectations.


Dynamic In Action

Dynamic Inaction